“Writing for your web site”

Garbage in, garbage out!

Writing for the web is different than writing a normal document, as the web-visitor’s attention span is much shorter. There is a lot of information on the web and it is a matter of catching the visitor’s interest in a very short time.

  1. Short
    1. Write to the point and avoid marketing hype.
  2. Scannable
    1. People tend to skim instead of reading pages carefully.
    2. Summary first. Put the main points of your page in the first paragraph.
    3. Be generous with paragraph breaks and headings - they make pages a little more eye-friendly and easier to scan quickly.
    4. Emphasise key words in a paragraph by making them bold or italic.
    5. Don't be afraid to use things like bulleted lists and tables - anything to make the information jump out at the reader, instead of making them sift through long paragraphs to get at it.
  3. Personal
    1. Write conversationally and personal.
    2. Answer users' questions.
    3. Use common language rather than made-up terms.