“Web site structure”

Keep it simple!

It is important not to overwhelm the visitor with information. Keep it simple, but concise and effective. We recommend you plan your site around these simple contents.

Home page

Your home page should clearly state what your site is about and what type of products/services you supply.

About page

An about page is often included to provide the visitor with a little bit of information on you or your company background and perhaps your plans for the future.

Contact details

This is an absolute essential page.

To appear credible you need to supply all address details, such as street address, phone number, fax number and your email address.

If you want people to come and visit you then you should add a map and some simple directions to your place.

Services / Products

Describe your services / products in detail.

Clients list

If you have been doing business for a while and have build up a client base, it might be worth listing your major clients.

If you have received any recent press coverage then this could be included here, along with any information that will add credentials to your work.