“Search engine optimisation”

Make pages for users!

The best way to make both the user and the search engine happy is to design a well-structured site with the following features:

  • Place important information towards the top
  • Divide content into clear areas
  • Use descriptive headings to help readers break page content into easy to find blocks of information
  • Choose words wisely to ensure that readers will understand you

Above steps will not only help your readers better understand your site, they will also help search engines index and interpret your site well, which in turn leads to better rankings.

Hans Web Design will provide:

  • Swedish Quality Web Site
  • Good structure and navigation system
  • Include site map to help users and search engines
  • Meta tags that will assist search engines
  • We do everything possible to assist Google (using Google Analytics) and other Search Engines

How can I trick Search Engines to increase my ranking?

It is important to understand that any time, effort, and money spent on deceiving search engines can often be put to better use by working on improving the quality, content, and structure of the web site itself.

When your site is ready!

You site is likely to appear in the major search engines within 6 to 8 weeks, but most likely much quicker

You may also want to submit your site to industry-specific expert sites.