Our accessible websites are designed with re-sizeable text, keyboard shortcuts, logical document structure and printer friendly pages. This will assist our users in general, but especially users with special needs and/or those using assistive devices.

Change font size

Text size is scalable in the browser to allow users to increase or decrease font size depending on their requirements.

In addition we have provided a link in the top right hand corner of this web site that will enable you to change between Normal Text size and Large Text size.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts replace the need to use the mouse for navigation in browsers that support them.

Windows - with Explorer or Firefox press the ALT key plus an access key

Apple Mac OS X - with Safari or Firefox press the CONTROL key plus an access key

We use the following access keys on this site:

  1. homepage
  2. Services
  3. About
  4. Contact
  5. Return to Hans Web Design home page
  6. S.  Sitemap
  7. A.  Accessibility (this page)

Printer Friendly pages

All pages are designed to be printer friendly, just the logo and the page content will appear on any printouts you make.

Document Structure

All of our pages follow a logical document structure to assist screen readers, mobile phones, etc..

Colour Schemes

All colour schemes are optimised for readability.

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