About Hans Web Design

Our Focus

  • Your Products/Services, Branding and Strategy
  • Simple user interface
  • Typography and Words
  • Web Standards & Accessibility

We use

  • Adobe CS3 - Photoshop, Illustrator and Macromedia
  • Apple Computers


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Hans “Viktor” Styrnell of Hans Web Design have many years of experience in successfully selling technical products throughout the world and understand how to emphasize the features and benefits of products & services to a wider audience.

Hans has worked in the bar-code printers/scanners industry for almost 30 years and spent the first 20 years with Antonson in Sweden, traveling world wide, in a technical support and sales position.

For many years he also worked on the West Coast of the USA, as Sales Manager for Antonson and Swedot. During the years 1991 and 1997 he introduced the Eltron Printer Products to the European Market as the European Sales Director for Eltron International, Inc and has up until the end of 2002 worked as a “Market Manager Thermal Printers” for Markpoint in Sweden/Imaje in France.

During the above years Hans was involved in Technical Manuals, User Manuals, Marketing Materials, Exhibitions and Web Sites.

Hans lives in London and is now very much enjoying designing web sites for small businesses.